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I’m the producer of this electronic/acoustic ensemble which explores the possible interactions between jazz and experimental electronic music with a hint of “soundtrack” flavor. The ensemble counts on the exceptional talents of Spanish flutist Fernando Brox, Argentinian pianist Mariano Camarasa, Uruguayan double bassist Antonino Restuccia Moreno and the Catalan strings quartet Art.eria. Executive producer: Wesley Kendall.

Directed by Gabriele Mariotti
Digital artwork by N0vatik
Digital artwork by N0vatik


This Neo Soul project involves me as producer and keyboardist and features Siwo (from Mozambique, beatmaker and singer) and Monica Mussungo (from Angola, singer).

Director: Gianmarco Bocaccio
Director: Sally Fenaux Barleycorn


I love to produce beats with a lofi-vibe and jazzy harmonies. Leomode is that producer/beatmaker side of me.



I’m part of this Jazz Sextet of the Italian Saxophonist as live electronics performer.


In 2014 produced the soundtrack for “Earth Sutra”, a documentary about the Tibetan question, presented as candidate (best original music) for the Goya and Gaudì awards in 2017. Directors: Jordi Carot and José Saenz de Heredia.

“La Ciutat Inventada” a documentary by Jordi Carot.

“HOZHO” a documentary about the relationship between Native Americans and its horses.


This video has been commissioned by the famous brand to my partners at the Eighty4 agency. I composed and produced the music.

Director: Nicolas Martinez

This music has been commissioned by “Palacio del Flamenco” of Barcelona and has been used in Christmas time for welcoming the costumers before the shows.

I’ve been asked to produce a music for this video of the company leader in sky pole production, using sound effects of snow, skiing and manufacturing.

Director: Alex Staffa

On December 2011 a big, futuristic Xmas tree was built in the middle of “Las Arenas” Shopping Center of Barcelona. Every hour the tree was lighting up with a video mapping show accompanied by this music.


I’m the producer and co-arranger (with Mariano Camarasa) of this project. Composer: Wesley Kendall.

I’m the producer and arranger of this album of the Ukrainian artist Zhanna.

Organetto player Valerio Rodelli asked me to arrange and produce this album, a Folk / Electronics mesh up:

I’m co-producer of this electronics / pop project

I did the arrangements and production of this album, artist: “Giampix”, singer: Susana Torregrosa.


This Trailer has been realized for a Physical Theater Company.

Director: Alex Staffa

This music has been commissioned by the German A/V Collective PXNGLI for a projection mapping, on a pyramid paper sculpture. The installation (by Jaime Ramirez) is located in the foyer of IMB-Troschke.

An experimental project involving sound synthesis and piano improvisation.


Leo Music Design, Piano on SoundBetter

I’m the best rated pianist in Soundbetter and Airgigs, the most important online marketplace for remote sessions. I’ve been hired for piano arrangements, composition, full song productions, mix and masterings by a countless number of artists all around the world.